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2005 Press News Archive

Emmett Till remembered

2005 marks the 50th year since the death of Emmett Till, whose racially charged murder helped spark the Civil Rights Movement. The U.S. Justice Department has recently reopened the probe into his murder and a new documentary film recounts the story. And for more background on this tragic case, check out JHUP's book A Death in the Delta by Stephen J. Whitfield, which has been called "A brilliant piece of work-the definitive book on the Till case."

Fishing industry vs. sea turtles

For years, long-line fishing has been banned in the international fishing industry due to its harmful effects on aquatic life, especially endangered sea turtles. Now, changes to the fishing hooks used in this process are prompting US officials to consider ending the ban. Some environmentalists caution that this could lead to the demise of the Leatherback sea turtle. Listen to full coverage of the story on National Public Radio. And check out James Spotila's bestselling Sea Turtles from JHUP.

Mom wins Engineer-Historian Award

Gijs Mom and The Electric Vehicle have won the 2004 Engineer-Historian Award given by the International History and Heritage Committee of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This award recognizes an outstanding published work by an engineer dealing with the history of mechanical engineering. The award is intended to encourage the active interest by mechanical engineers in the history of their profession.