The Johns Hopkins University Press

2004 Press News Archive

Kathleen Keane named JHUP director

Kathleen Keane, who has had a distinguished career of more than 20 years in health sciences and scholarly publishing, has been appointed director of the Johns Hopkins University Press, effective May 1, 2004. She has served as interim director since January 1, when James Jordan stepped down to become director of Columbia University Press.

Keane joined the JHU Press in September 2002 as director of finance and operations. She had direct responsibility for accounting, information systems, and Hopkins Fulfillment Services. Before that, she held executive positions at J.B. Lippincott Co (a subsidiary of Harper and Row Publishers) and at W.B. Saunders (a division of Harcourt). She now becomes the seventh director to lead America's oldest university press and its staff of 130.

To read more about Kathleen and her appointment as permanent director, read the article in the Johns Hopkins Gazette.

Glowing review for Debunked!

Noted science writer Freeman Dyson reviewed Debunked!: ESP, Telekinesis, and Other Pseudoscience by Georges Charpak and Henri Broch in the March 25 issue of the New York Review of Books, praising the book as "highly readable" and noting that "it tells good stories about human foolishness masquerading as science . . . offer[ing] useful assistance to citizens trying to tell the difference between sense and nonsense." Read the full review on the NYRB's web site at

UK praise for Plague

A. Lloyd Moote and Dorothy C. Moote's book The Great Plague received a rapturous review from the Guardian (UK) on May 15, 2004. In her review of the book about this catastrophic time in London history, Kathryn Hughs writes,"Extraordinarily accomplished... a book of rare distinction, one that is able to analyse a city in crisis while never losing sight of the individual lives contained within it." To read the whole article, visit the Guardian at

JHUP wins Historical Soicety award

Keith Revell is this year's winner of the Abel Wolman Award given by the Public Works Historical Society. The award recognizes the best new book published in the field of public works history and provides encouragement and recognition to historians whose research and publications have made outstanding contributions to the history of public works.

Translation prizes for JHUP

On May 5, the French-American Foundation presented its 17th Annual Translation Prize in New York City at the French Institute/Alliance Francaise. The non-fiction prize was awarded to Janet Lloyd for her translation of JHUP's The Writing of Orpheus: Greek Myth in Cultural Context by Marcel Detienne. Janet Lloyd's other translations for JHUP are Alexander: Destiny and Myth by Claude Mosse and The Invention of Literature: From Greek Intoxication to the Latin Book by Florence Dupont.
Another 2003 JHUP book, An Alliance at Risk by Laurent Cohen-Tanugi, translated by George Holoch, was also a finalist - one of five - for the prize.

The prize for fiction went to Lydia Davis for her translation of Proust's Swann's Way.