The Johns Hopkins University Press


Fall 2012 | Volume 10 | Number 3

Cover Story

Big Year for Project MUSE

By Tashina Gunning, Project MUSE Staff

The year 2012 has been exhilarating and eventful for Project MUSE and is one that has ushered in some of the most significant changes to the organization in its 17 year history. Over 65 distinguished scholarly presses, acting collaboratively as the University Press Content Consortium (UPCC), made their books available for purchase on MUSE in a wide variety of collections suitable for libraries of all types and sizes. The introduction of e-books and launch of a new interface in January integrated upward of 15,000 digital books with more than 500 journal titles into a single platform.

Director's Commentary

The Success of Project MUSE

Kathleen Keane, Press Director

As the article on page one of this issue of InPress makes clear, it has indeed been a big year for Project MUSE. I am enormously proud of work of the MUSE and Hopkins Press staff in planning and launching the UPCC initiative, which added a mind-boggling 15,000 scholarly books to the highly regarded scholarly journals content that has long made MUSE and indispensable resource. Project MUSE director Dean Smith and many talented staff deserve much credit and our sincere thanks.

In Conversation: Jean Blackburn
Collections Librarian, Vancouver Island University Library, British Columbia

Vancouver Island University is a long-time Project MUSE journal subscriber and was one of the first institutions to purchase the entire collection of UPCC Books on MUSE. Tashina Gunning of Project MUSE spoke with VIU’s Collections Librarian Jean Blackburn recently about her library’s acquisition of the UPCC Book Collections.

What were some of the primary reasons that VIU chose to purchase the entire collection of UPCC Books on Project MUSE?

VIU was eagerly anticipating the launch of books on Project MUSE months before they were being sold. We were very excited about the prospect of accessing books on a reliable and proven academic platform. The Project MUSE offer came at a very convenient time...