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Syndication via JHUP RSS Feeds

RSS stands for "RDF Site Summary". It provides a mechanism for JHUP users to subscribe to important information regarding JHUP journals. Access to some information requires a Project MUSE subscription. This information can be subscribed to using an RSS aggregator or reader, and used as an alerting service for users or be used as a means of syndication.

Subscribing to JHUP RSS Feeds

To make use of JHUP RSS feeds, you will need an RSS reader. An RSS reader is a web-based or desktop application that automatically gathers feeds from all of your selected websites and makes them available for reading. By using an RSS reader, you can collect in one place the information available through JHUP RSS feeds.

In order to subscribe to a JHUP RSS feed, follow the steps below:

  1. Look under the "Subscribe to JHUP RSS Feeds" section below to see the available feeds.


    Visit the journal's homepage to view the available feeds for the journal.

  2. Copy & paste the URL of the RSS feed to your RSS reader.

As new items are added to JHUP RSS feeds, the RSS reader will obtain details via RSS and will alert you of new information available at the JHUP website.